Fast-rising Ghanaian Yaw Ray impresses on debut EP ‘Delay not Denial

Yaw Ray is one of the fast-rising artists whose music is stretching the creative boundaries of the Ghanaian music industry and also blurring the line between Ghanaian Pop music and its more prolific Nigerian cousin.

With his debut EP, Yaw Ray aims to showcase his talent while highlighting the resilience that has kept him going in his musical journey.

‘Delay not Denial’ is a profound musical project that draws inspiration from the twists and turns of real-life experiences. Each song reflects our personal journeys, trials, and triumphs. The EP delves deep into the human experience, exploring themes of love, perseverance, and personal growth.

Through honest and comprehensible writing combined with a confident and impressive delivery, he weaves together melodies while fusing genres to deliver an enjoyable body of work.

In the opening eponymous track, he samples the famous lines from Micheal Jackson while deploying Dancehall bounce to express his struggles in an increasingly tough society.

He offers his popstar credentials with records like ‘Look At You.’ and ‘Control’ where he undertakes to wear his heart on his sleeve and deliver quintessential love rhythms that mold the careers of Afrobeats stars.

In ‘Anigye’ he offers elements of his Ghanaian heritage through his writing while in ‘Sugar’, he deploys the Nigerian language “Omalichanwa” which is a notorious word in Afrobeats dictionary to showcase his desire to connect with Afrobeats listeners across all markets.

While he leans more into his Pop and R&B influences across the EP through a mixture of Pop and Highlife for smooth Afropop records, Yaw Ray still retains strong Dancehall and Reggae influences which underscores his Ghanaian roots

Overall, ‘Delay not Denial’ is an EP that offers listeners an insight into Yaw Ray’s talent and the resilience that continues to motivate him to chase his ambitions.

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