Delay not Denial

An Extended playlist of my debut Album

Delay not denial is an Extended playlist of my debut Album for which the title is yet to be disclosed.
It consist of seven tracks, I chose the number seven because in ancient near the eastern and Israelite culture and literature it communicated a sense of “fullness” or completeness. As in how ready and full I am to embark on this musical journey.

Clothes stained with red ink depicting the struggles, obstacles, trials and pains I’ve been through since I decided to do music. A human figure with his hands at his back, eyes closed demonstrating how frustrated he is and also how he almost gave up due to circumstances beyond control. And over all these happening I felt time was ticking.It’s an art, it’s music and I don’t want you to just hear it. I also want you to feel it, dance to clear your thought and also to encourage you.

I will always make you “FEEL YAWRAY_ma